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The Infinite agreement: Package for 10 - 40 hours of IT services in any of our fields of expertise.

Our service agreement is a guarantee of quality services for your business. Use our INFINITE agreement as you require and for as long as you need. You benefit from our expertise in architecture and maintenance of computer systems and networks and IP telephony through a team of engineers and technicians dedicated to serving you.

You will have a secure, confidential record comprised of:
- all the elements of your monitored architecture (data sheet, computer references, licensing) for responsiveness in case of equipment failure.
- a technical sales service (advice, project follow-up, installation follow-up, on-site operations scheduling).
- a dedicated team (engineer(s), technician(s)).
- an assurance of reliable, responsive technical follow-up (depending on the problem, your dedicated engineer will intervene within a maximum of 4 hours up to 48 hours, depending on how urgent it is).
- Secured access for Net1C is conceivable so that we can diagnose the problem and solve it for free if it does not require on-site operations.

Off Contract Services:
Do you require emergency repairs? Do you absolutely want to solve your problem as soon as possible with no commitment on your part?
Our fee for that type of service is 82 euros/hour (not including VAT) plus travel costs.

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