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Net1C provides ADSL and SDSL technologies to companies needing broadband Internet connections at low costs.
Depending on your company's needs, Net1C can give you advice on the various technical and technological options, and allow you to benefit, through our DSL offers, from our value-added services.

ADSL (2+)

ADSL is easy to deploy and is the most used broadband technology in France. It is well adapted to the needs of small businesses and offers a theoretical maximum date throughput of 20Mbit/s at a low cost. It is satisfying for simple use of payment terminals and can let you gain financially using IP telephony.

Characteristics & Advantages:
- 20Mbit/s theoretical maximum date throughput
-Adapted to IP telephony (at low volumes)
- Low cost of use
- No work involved: the existing phone line is used.


Through its symmetric bandwidth, SDSL is reliable, robust and fast, and well adapted to companies needing upstream and downstream broadband connections for: IP telephony, VPN, multi-site interconnections, application hosting, etc. It is reliable and the data transmission rates are more stable than those of ADSL connections. SLSL is ideal for increasing your company's communications capabilities.

Characteristics & Advantages:
-Symmetric bandwidth up to 8Mbit/s
- Stable data transmission rates and guaranteed availability
- Ideal for IP telephony
- Best for application hosting, VPN and multi-site interconnections