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Net1C's outsourcing service is a solution to your company's need for a stable and reliable IT system.
It eliminates both the events and factors that can impact your business at any time and the need for internal expertise: Brown-outs, black-outs, Internet cuts, data loss, security issues, servers down, inadequate facilities, etc.

Our hosting centers provide you with an ultra-secure, highly reliable environment and our teams' expertise. Your data and critical services are hosted in several data centers in 4 European cities: Globalswitch (Paris, London et Madrid), Redbus (Paris) and Equinix (Geneva).

Net1's hosting service is scalable to meet your growing needs. Our IT environments are:
- ultra-secure: Our hosting centers feature reinforced material security, biometric access control, CCTV video surveillance and sophisticated fire hazard prevention. Our M&E (Mechanical and Electrical) technicians, present 24/7, are responsible for planned preventive maintenance (PPM) operations on the centralized equipment. Security personnel present on site 24/7/365 regularly patrol inside and outside the facilities.
- Highly reliable: With N+1 redundancy for the electrical and air conditioning systems, UPS and shared back-up generators or rotary UPS generators combined with high reliability of our multi-operator network, your computer data is always available.

Our outsourcing and hosting offers are tailored to your needs and the technical requirements needed to operate your IT system.