Net1C - Presentation

Net1C was created in 2007 by a team of highly qualified persons with extensive experience in telecommunications, networks and information tecnology.
NET1C brings you exclusive, custom-made solutions that are at the leading edge of today's technology.
NET1C means quality service and the best follow-up to develop customer loyalty in an ever changing landscape.
NET1C operates in the fields of telecommunications, network engineering, security, IT development, on-board systems and ICT.
Through our know-how, we have become an up-and-coming company in just a few years. Today we are working with a well-proven technological infrastructure with quality services and solutions. Furthermore, we sell over 10,000,000 minutes/month through our network to operators and numerous companies that trust us when it comes to installing and maintaining their telecom equipment. True to our objectives, we provide our customers with superior quality services.
We are confident in the future and will continue to grow thanks to our experience and skills and the confidence our customers place in us.

Infrastructures & Networks

Systems and computer equipment in 4 European cities and 6 data centers:

- GlobalSwitch Paris
- TeleHouse Paris
- Equinix Paris
- Equinix Geneva
- GlobalSwitch Madrid
- GlobalSwitch London

Approximate data throughput of 10 Gb/s
Able to manage 10,000 simultaneous calls per second.

Cisco / HP servers, Netapp Filers, Juniper core network, SoftSwitch SwitchRay.

Ultra secure, highly reliable environment
Our hosting centers feature reinforced material security, biometric access control, CCTV video surveillance and sophisticated fire hazard prevention. Our M&E (Mechanical and Electrical) technicians, present 24/7, are responsible for the planned preventive maintenance (PPM) operations on the centralized equipment. Security personnel present on site 24/7/365 regularly patrol inside and outside the facilities .
With N+1 redundancy for the electrical and air conditioning systems, UPS and shared back-up generators or rotary UPS generators, combined with high reliability of our multi-operator network, our infrastructure is always up and running.
Net1C Network was developed to transfer data world-wide at transfer rates in the order of 10Gb/s with a high level of privacy and reliability. Several operators supply us with IP transit. The fact that we do not have to rely on a unique supplier means we can ensure stability and high quality service. In addition, we are present on a number private exchange points that allow us to provide you with connections having very short response times.

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