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Fiber optics is the best technology for data transmission. It features very high data rates, symmetric bandwidth and reliability. Fiber optics is now used by a number of companies.
It is ideal for web hosting, transmitting large volumes of data, for IP telephony and multi-site interconnections.

Net1C supports businesses in their strategic choice to use fiber optics and its implementation on a national or international scale.

Characteristics & Advantages:
- Highly reliable technology.
- Use of the Internet with no data rate constraints.
- Low latency and ubiquity: data rate not influenced by transmission distance.
- Ideal even for the most transmission-intensive uses.

Ideal for:
- hosting your servers and applications (web, email, business applications, back-ups, etc.)
- IP telephony with no constraints (large volume of simultaneous calls, video conferencing, etc.)
- Developing your intercompany services
- Multi-site interconnections