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Net1C provides reliable IP Telephony solutions that are adapted to your needs.
Reduce costs (installation, expansion, phone calls), improve your current telephony system, benefit from advanced features and mobility options, adopt this unified messaging platform and gain from all of the advantages of Net1C's IP Telephony solution.

Save Money
With Net1C's solution you can significantly reduce the cost of installing and operating your phone system:
- No need for complex and costly installations. We install your telephones directly on your sites using Plug&Call technology, which requires no specific wiring.
- Your internal communications no longer travel through phone lines. Instead, they travel through your computer network. All the calls you make between your sites are therefore absolutely free.

Improve Your Telephone Reception Service
Net1C's solution provides you with a professional switchboard tailored to your needs. If you wish, you can add an interactive vocal server (IVS) that directs calls using a vocal menu. This is useful for putting your customers through to right department. Numerous features help each user to improve their telephone reception et eliminate the risk of missing an incoming call: on-hold music and personal message, call forwarding, managing two incoming calls, follow-up, recording, etc.

Great Flexibility
Your business is growing? You can quickly and easily add new users and call upon us to equip your new sites. Net1C's solution lets you modify or expand the features assigned to each user without having to upgrade the hardware or software. A user-friendly web interface lets you manage all the user accounts.

Get Mobile!
With Net1C's solution, your employees are more mobile, reactive and productive:
- Users manage their telephone services via a personal password protected web page that can be accessed from any equipped terminal connected to your company network. They can therefore access their unified messaging, consult their personal address book or calls log, configure call forwarding, etc.
- People can reach you via your business phone number even when you are on the move or working at home.

A Wide Range of Features
Double call service, Call forwardingDirect incoming selection (each telephone has its own direct number. Direct Inward dialing (DID) lets you call an internal connection without having to pass through a switchboard), Unified Messaging : for checking your email, faxes and vocal messages from your email sofware Call log, Conference calls, On-hold with choice of music, Managing successive rings on several telephones, Protection against call forwarding, Blocking anonymous calls, Anonymous outbound calling, Caller ID for internal calls, Access to the company address book with just one click, Call filtering, Incoming and outbound Faxes, Communications control via a connected terminal, Switching off the telephone using a code (on the telephone or remotely), Recording conversations.